Baseball Card Sleeves

Baseball card sleeves
Semi Rigid Card Holder Baseball Card Sleeve
Baseball Card Sleeves – 200 Card Holders for Trading Cards and 200 Penny Sleeves – Baseball Card Holder - Pokemon Card Sleeves -3-5/16`` x 4-7/8`` Including 1/2`` Lip - Trading Card Sleeves

Baseball Card Sleeves

✔ HIGH PROTECTION: Protect your collectible cards and keep them in perfect condition with the power of Go Delight Baseball Card Protectors. As a card collector, one of the things you love to do is show off your Pokemon, basketball and baseball cards to friends. However, the downsides to this are obvious; within moments, you leave your valuable cards susceptible to irreversible bending, fading, scratches, sudden corner damage, or any other subtle blemish.
✔ ULTRA CLEAN AND DURABLE: One of the best things about Go Delight's semi rigid card holders and penny sleeves is that they are durable. Sometimes you feel the need to protect your precious Pokemon cards, only to be let down by shoddy materials that can actually cause harm to your cards. When you buy baseball cards sleeves for your cards, the last thing you want is to find out that they are the things that may do more harm than good. Made from high-quality plastic and 100% transparent.
✔ RESIDUE-FREE: It is all well and good, offering sports cards sleeves that offer high protection and are ultra-clean and durable. But what good is that if the cards themselves end up getting unwanted residue from the Pokemon card sleeves or baseball card protectors and causing an issue? There is nothing worse than finding out once you open your hard card sleeves for a basketball or baseball rookie card that you find some unexpected residue on the trading cards.
✔ EASY INSERTION & REMOVAL: Although it sounds hilarious, having baseball card sleeves that offer easy insertion and removal is one of the most important factors when looking for graded card sleeves. Think about it, you have a high-quality and super rare baseball card ready to be graded at a grading submission, only to be thwarted by not being able to comfortably get the card out in the first place. Due to 1/2" Lip for card saver, easy insertion and removal are assured.
✔ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our card holders for trading cards and durable penny sleeves for whatever reason.

Product Benefits


Go Delight Baseball Card Sleeves

GoDelight Baseball Card Sleeves

There's no better way to protect your valuable card collection

GoDelight's Baseball Card Sleeves are designed to keep your cards pristine, spotless and valuable – the way they were meant to be.
Every card collector faces two main problems:

● Finding rare cards for your collection.
● Keeping your cards in mint condition.

Even though most collectors struggle with the first problem, you’ll never have to battle with the second again.
The solution is simple: Go Delights’s Baseball Card Sleeves.
These are designed to be every collector’s best friend.

They keep your cards in premium condition while also allowing you to trade, swap and admire their beauty.
Because there’s nothing worse than trying to show off your card, only to realize that it has an obvious crease that halves the value.

Let's jump more into why this trading card holder is critical for collectors like you.


Why choose protection of GoDelight Baseball Card Sleeves?

UVA and UVB protection

Many trading card owners don’t understand the implications of UVA and UVB and how it affects the longevity of their cards.The solution is baseball card sleeves.They reflect these rays, keeping them from interacting with your cards.Think of it as a permanent sunblock layer on your cards.

Easy insertion and removal

One problem you find with many baseball card sleeves is that getting your card in and out is a real hassle.You often have to squeeze and bend the pokemon card sleeves just to fit it in.You won’t have any problem with these baseball card protectors because they are designed to be easy to use.

Smart 2-layer design

Go Delight's trading card sleeves have a simple but effective 2-layer transparent design.The baseball card sleeves are made out of durable plastic material that gives your cards equal protection on both sides, and also come with penny sleeves for extra protection.

Technical Details


The real reason most people invest in these clear baseball card sleeves

Because as any collector knows, bends, creases and similar problems lock your cards out of the “mint condition” category.

That’s why these pokemon card sleeves (you can use them for pokemon cards, too) are made of highly durable pvc.

It won’t bend, snap or crease, which means your cards will only increase in value. Go Delight’s sports card sleeves are residue-free, meaning zero chemical residues remain on the cards. Your cards are not only safe, but you are too!

“Mint condition” is the most important factor in the world of card collection.

You may have a massive deck, but if your cards aren’t pristine, they will probably be worth less than you paid for them!

These football card sleeves solve this issue for you effortlessly. All you have to do is slide them in, and you’re good to go.

Go Delight’s top loaders for cards increase the value of your individual cards and can also compound the collective value. If every card is worth its full value, the deck’s worth increases exponentially.

So, if you’re a collector who’s serious about preserving the value of your cards, don’t waste any more time.

Check it and preserve your cards.

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